1. Are the units fully furnished?

Yes, (until further notice) Please see unit furnishing/appliances.

2. How much is the monthly condominium dues?
The monthly condo dues will range from P75 to P100 per sq.m.

3. Can the unit buyers/owners use the facilities in the amenity area even if the building is not yet turn-over?
Yes, upon 10% payment of the initial investment, unit buyer/owners and their immediate family can already
enjoy facilities in the amenity area. They will be issued ID’s for entry. However, non-resident/buyers will be
subjected to fees upon entry provided they are endorsed or vouched by the unit owners.

4. Does all units with balcony?
Yes, all units are with balcony and have a direct seaview.

5. Are there sufficient parking spaces for all the residents of Tambuli Seaside Residences?
There are 26 parking spaces per Tower. However, ample parking areas are provided outside the building for lease on a monthly or daily basis.

6. What is the distance per Tower?
There is a 40-meter distance from each Tower and there will be a Golf Cart shuttle that will drive the unit owners
around Tambuli Seaside Living.